Does Natalie Portman think Christian Bale is “tedious, arrogant & dismissive”?

I’ve believed, with all my heart, that Christian Bale has been a d-bag for years now. Maybe it was the recording of Bale ripping some poor bastard a new one, maybe it was his too-extreme, too-“Method” absorption into his roles, maybe it was just a general vibe. Whatever it is, I’ve never really been all hot and bothered for Bale, and I’m often left with a feeling of utter bewilderment when some of you ladies are all “OMG, Christian Bale is My Fassbender.” Different strokes, etc, and I understand the urge to have a fantasy bone with a d-bag. But Bale is too douchey for even my fantasy life. Anyway, Bale was recently working with Natalie Portman on a film called Knight of Cups. According to The Enquirer, Natalie quickly grew a giant hate-on for Bale.

I believe some of this, and I’ve put the rest of it on co-sign lay-away. I do think it’s a matter of interpretation – Bale is known for being an OCD perfectionist, for going to extreme lengths with his “Method” and for being a difficult actor to work with. Does it follow that Natalie would label hin as “tedious, arrogant and a disgrace to the acting profession.” Tedious? Sure. Totally. Arrogant? I could see that. But a disgrace to the acting profession? Eh. Even though I’m sure he’s a miserable person in real life, and a miserable coworker, he does put all of it on screen. He is one of the best actors out there right now. He’s a great actor… and a terrible person.