Lauren Conrad (aka the Next Martha Stewart), vacations with her Boo, launches eco –line and DIY Vids

Lauren has been low-key but she has not been idle. By being selective about endorsements and exercising good business sense, she has extricated her business endeavors from an association with trashy reality TV. As a result, she does not have to be on tabloids every week or get married and divorced in 72 days to promote her brand.

Anyhoo Lauren had a busy week. After vacationing with her seemingly gigantic boyfriend ( former Something Corporate Band member William Tell), she announced the launch of her eco-line with Blue Avocado and unveiled the first of what will be a series of DIY tutorials called “Crafty Creations”.

Lauren and William Tell in Cabo this past weekend

Back from Cabo. Lauren was snapped shopping for Louboutins in LA Wednesday July 18th

What did she purchase from Louboutin? Probably these which she Instagrammed later.

Last year Lauren made a trip to Austin, Texas and came back an investor in Blue-Avocado—an eco-product line founded by a trio of local Austin women. This week they announced the launch of the first Lauren-designed collection of eco-friendly travel, shopping and lunch items. The products are all made from recycled plastic bottles. Lauren showcases the functionality of the line in this video.

Finally, Lauren has begun the next step to claiming her legacy as the heir apparent to Martha Stewart. The first in what will be a series of DIY videos called “Crafty Creations” shows you how to make bracelets from ribbons and washers. Now all she has to do is become a raving bitch, go to jail, and raise a daughter who hates her and her ascension to the Stewart throne will be complete.

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