The Cap'n (Nathan Fillion) is making it happen

TV Guide did a panel with the "fan favorites" of televsion at San Diego Comic Con. This included Dr. Who (who apparently was not cosplaying as Clockwork Orange, but you could have fooled me), Teen Wolf, some girl from Fringe, Joel McHale, Nikita, Nathan Fillion, Lori from Walking Dead, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and Grimm.

The only thing that matters is that everybody is in love with Nathan Fillion. Although Joel McHale does call him a pussy (@ 1 minute mark).

Nathan is afraid of bears - the sharks of the ocean. Lori and Spartacus are in love with Nathan.

Bonus information: Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori on The Walking Dead) doesn't know where Carl is.

But really, the whole thing was pretty entertaining and another youtuber uploaded nearly the whole thing here:

Source: my own eyes and ears / my camera and also youtube