Miss Peru makes homophobic comments, Ricky Martin calls her out on them


In a recent interview with Peru21 -- a Spanish-language media company -- Cindy Mejia, Miss Peru, had some controversial things to say about gay children and if she would have an issue if her own child was gay. Shortly after the article was posted, Ricky Martin quickly responded to Mejia via Twitter.

Miss Peru said, "In my case, the day that God permits me to have children, it wouldn't happen because these things happen perhaps because a child grew up without a father or was molested or lived with his mother and sisters became effeminate." Then she continued to say, "I'm not too keen on the subject. The day I have my children I will entrust them to God completely, will raise them with care with a father and mother and support them completely, because there should always be communication."

It seems unclear how the subject of communication made its way into the conversation but it is clear that Mejia did express strong and wayward views as to the causes of homosexuality.

Ricky Martin quickly reacted via Twitter where he said, "What a shame! Such foolish comments. Complete ignorance."

Martin proudly came out in 2010 as a fortunate homosexual man who was very blessed. He has since been a visible advocate for the LGBT community, and in particular within the Latino community, where his name recognition and popularity have been powerful megaphones for his advocacy.

Although Mejia initially claimed that Peru21 misquoted her, their website has audio of her declarations and proves otherwise.

Subsequently, in an effort to avoid being bashed by the media, Miss Peru apologized to the LGBT community and said, "Due to my lack of knowledge of this topic, I made an error and it won't happen again. I apologize if these comments contributed to discrimination or violence against the LGBT community. As a representative of Peruvian beauty, I promise to devote myself to fight against homophobia and 'machismo'."

She then tweeted at Ricky Martin to let him know she had asked for forgiveness, she stated, "Ricky Martin is talking about what I said. I already apologized. Enough."


no puedo con esta estupida tbh.