Famous Couple Is Splitting Up

[Blind Gossip] Despite reports that they are fine, this famous couple is splitting up.

It’s the husband who wants out, and he has made the first move by hiring a very interesting group of attorneys. The wife, who wants to stay in the marriage so that she can save face, has engaged an entire team of her own to stop the divorce.

Her most powerful weapon is a set of taped conversations of him discussing some very private issues, including gay encounters he had in the past. While she has always known that he is gay, she considers these tapes fair game in getting him to “reconsider” the divorce.

The husband’s biggest concerns, however, do not have to do with rumors about his sexuality or his legal issues or the millions that this divorce will cost him. He is most concerned about saving his child/ren from the influence of his wife. To that end, he will be asking for full custody.

Don’t expect a long, drawn-out divorce here. Similar to another recent celebrity split, everything will be settled quietly behind the scenes. These two will never have to face each other in court.


We can rule out Tom and Katie. Who do you think it is?
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