Worst rap beef ever continues...


So it all started off with Iggy explaining why the Murda Bizness video and Glory EP weren't out yet. Read bottom to top as usual.

Schermata 07-2456125 alle 1.56.28 PM
Schermata 07-2456125 alle 1.56.09 PM
Schermata 07-2456125 alle 1.55.48 PM

Never one to keep quiet, Azealia Banks chimed in with her two cents...

Schermata 07-2456125 alle 1.50.52 PM

and then Iggy posted this. She originally posted something along the lines of "I see my biggest fan has been waiting for my music. That's all I'm going to say about that." but she deleted the tweet and all that's left on her timeline is this:

Schermata 07-2456125 alle 1.57.59 PM

EDIT: Apparently, Azealia Banks tweeted that after she found out that Iggy was unfollowing people who went to see Azealia Banks live. This is one of the tweets she sent to someone she unfollowed:

What do you guys think? Was Banks right to give her opinion or should she just keep out of Iggy's bizness?

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