Queen Victoria is beyond flawless, rips Virginia republican a new one on NBC.

Madeleine Stowe on why she's campaigning against Eric Cantor
By Sam Go - Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:31 PM EDT

(Skip to 1:45 to see the queen.)

Actress Madeleine Stowe joined The Ed Show Friday to advocate for women’s rights in Virginia—and to throw her support behind Wayne Powell, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Eric Cantor.

The actress, currently the star of ABC’s Hamptons-based drama Revenge, is a keynote speaker at a Women's Strike Force PAC event in Virginia this weekend.

Stowe, whose husband hails from Virginia, talked about the huge public outcry following Gov. Bob McDonnell’s intention to mandate transvaginal ultrasounds for informed consent for abortions. She pointed out that Virginia has only temporarily shelved a personhood bill. The bill, HB1, defines life as starting at conception, which could make it illegal for women to obtain contraception.

Powell, a relative unknown, has been garnering more support lately. Ed Schultz described Powell as "veteran, pro-choice, and for social and economic justice." On Thursday, Dave "Mudcat" Saunders, the fiery Democratic strategist, joined The Rachel Maddow Show and called Cantor a "bought and paid for crook."

Stowe sounded a similar theme. “Eric Cantor shorted US treasury bonds for his own financial gain,”she argued. “Cantor is in the hands of Wall Street. His interests are in Wall Street and major corporations. He is extremely vulnerable.”


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