Filmmaker David Lynch confirms baby on the way

Filmmaker David Lynch is going to be a dad again, at the ripe age of 66.

Lynch, the man behind acclaimed films such as The Elephant Man and Mulholland Dr, as well as the weird and groundbreaking '90s TV series Twin Peaks, confirmed today that he and his actress wife of three years, Emily Stofle, are expecting in August.

"The couple is thrilled at the news and looking forward to meeting their first child together," according to the statement issued by their PR firm.

Gossip bloggers had spotted the couple at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles over the weekend, with Stofle looking heavily pregnant.

Lynch, with his signature upstanding swirl of a hairstyle, is a four-time Oscar nominee, for Mulholland and Elephant, and also Blue Velvet, and has been married four times. He split from his last wife, in 2006, after just one month of marriage. He also has three adult children.

He met Stofle on the set of Inland Empire, another groundbreaking TV series he wrote.