Boop (scheisse) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Watch out, Hollywood, there's a new power couple in town.

Gaga + Lindsay = LiGa?!

The current Queen of Pop and Queen of Film decided to have a lil' get together last night at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California.

I suppose you could call this wishful thinking, but why else would he randomly be with Gaga during her break, aka the time she is supposedly going to film her new music video? He brought us two of Gaga's best videos, Telephone and Paparazzi, so what do you think he'll bring us next?

According to Dave Russell, Gaga’s sound manipulator:
- The lead single is still being tweaked.
- The album cover has been shot.
- There are “definite mega hits” on the next album.
- The lead single is fresh and inspired by the future.

Other info:
- Steven Klein for her perfume commercial, fashion film, and album art.
- Mert and Marcus for her Vogue spread.
- Jonas Akerlund for the lead single’s video.

Looks like y'all are gettin' your wish for The Fame Monster times 23092.

Source One, Source Two, & Source Three
Tags: lady gaga, lindsay lohan

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