Julia Roberts, Ambassadress of Lancome, Megapost!

The Good Life of Julia Roberts!
July 1, 2012
by Online Copywriting (via Google Translation)

When she enters the room where reporters gathered around the world, not far from Monaco, guests remain suspended in diaphanous silhouette. Julia internationally fascinated women and men. Because she is a simple woman, a mother attentive, an accomplished professional, fleeing a normal society life. Exception: It comes to us to present the latest fragrance from Lancôme: "Life is Beautiful". A surname tailor-made for the actress.


I remember her endless legs that made sense to turn the Richard Gere. Finding: it is smaller than the image reflected by the film. Does it matter? When she enters the room, escorted by young men hand-picked, she bursts into his wonderful laugh. "Too much for me! "A sparkling voice, slightly serious, the humor and a sense of irony intelligent beings. Nothing ostentatious about the actress. His smile is his trademark. Pure happiness!"


She admits she hesitated to lend her image to a brand. "Lancôme is French, worn by Kate Winstlet, Isabella Rosselini, Emma Watson. What people around! I would have refused if I did not like the fragrance. Her husband and her children, the actress keeps talking about. She is thin? "I run constantly after my sheep." In love? "Perfectly and totally!" Glad to have played a stepmother in Snow White? "I love cons jobs." She smiled ...

Wearing a long dress chiffon aquamarine, star rhinestones, belted at the waist in the bohemian spirit that she cherishes, she moves with fluidity, sparkling eyes, spreading her red hair. Her beauty secret? "Happiness"! Decidedly, Julia remains consistent, a quality of generosity and openness. La Vita è bella!! Life is beautiful!! Life is Beautiful!!


To attract a personality like Julia, star, simple and fun, it was necessary to surround the scent of a clear and modern philosophical thought. Briefly, Lancôme exalts being over having and appearance. Picture perfect for Julia. "The femininity of the brand lives freely in the spirit of less but better." Logic? This scent possesses a conscience and a soul, communicates with lightness and spreads gracefully. "We must learn to be driven by light," advises Maria Zambrano of the brand. And Julia is synonymous with brilliance!


Spring 2010 sees a new era. Julian Barnes gets the Booker Prize for his novel "The Sense of an Ending." A new way of life fills women: the joy of living is lived and not tailor-made ready-to-wear. The concept of the new luxury?? "Life is Beautiful" is aimed at freed from the dictates, constraints, rules formatted. The name of the perfume becomes their mantra. Julia Roberts has found a new mission: it summarizes the women in all their diversity and their truth. On her own, she is discreet. Met by chance, she smiled and spoke in two minutes and thirty of her husband, her children, her joy to be here!

Tarsem Singh
He created such works as "The Cell", "The Fall", "The Immortals". Accomplice of Julia in the film "Snow White", Singh plunges to the clip, in an evening of vanities. Among the pretense arises the singular brilliance of the actress. After a look at this scene of decadence, she left the room attracted by a staircase of light. A beautiful work of lighting effects.


Three nose for an original creation: Olivier Polge, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. A manifesto olfactory: create the first female iris gourmand, based on pure materials (80% natural ingredients). Iris pallida from Florence plays the maestro, followed irone and wrapped in the sensuality of the aldehyde iris. The heart beats with notes of sambac jasmine and orange blossom from Tunisia. Finally, a facet sweet vanilla, tonka bean, praline, pear and black currant. Scents of childhood ... The bottle, developed in 1949, finds here a smiling presence and wonderfully technical.

The International Press Launch of "La Vie Est Belle" by Lancôme (the ambassadress arrives at 1:50)