Married to Jonas preview; Nick Jonas outside NYC apartment

E! aired the first preview for the new series "Married to Jonas" last night, featuring some scenes from the upcoming reality show premiering in August:

Meanwhile, Nick gave the paparazzi camped outside his building waiting for Katie Holmes something to do.

Nick Jonas scolds Home Run Derby boos
Nick Jonas competed in last year's All-Stars Legends & Celebrities softball game. And this year, he took to Twitter to shame Home Run Derby fans for being bad sports.

Count baseball fan Nick Jonas as one of the many not amused by the boos that rained down on New York Yankee Robinson Cano at Monday night's Home Run Derby.

Jonas, who competed in last year's All-Star Legends & Celebrities softball game, tweeted this: "The people booing Robinson Cano and cheering when he got out at the #HRDerby should be ashamed of themselves. #itsacharityeventpeople."

Many of Nick's 4.4 million Twitter followers retweeted the sentiment.

Not sure if he was watching it on TV, but we could have sworn we saw Nick hanging with some guy pals at the All-Star Gala after the derby.

clearly the author was blind, since he wasn't there

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