The Wanted save a fan after she "faints" at their feet.

Just in case it wasn’t clear from the hundreds of pictures of The Wanted giving their fans massive hugs and sloppy kisses at every opportunity, they’ve reaffirmed their status as the nicest chaps in showbiz after saving a fan’s life (probably).

After their performance at T In The Park on Sunday, the boys were greeted by dozens of fans at Glasgow airport as they pulled up to the terminal in a mad dash to catch their awaiting flight.

One of the girls was so overwhelmed after spotting her favorite boyband that she had a panic attack, knocking her head on a brick as she hit the deck.

And as the fan started having a seizure, youngest member Nathan Sykes stopped the bus and rushed out to administer first aid.

While Nathan put her into the recovery position, Tom Parker also clambered out of the bus and called an ambulance.

Despite being on the verge of missing their ride back to London, the boys made sure the fan was OK before heading off home.

Tom told The Sun afterwards: “It was as we pulled up at the airport that one of our fans collapsed on the floor. Nath stayed by her side while I called 999."

“It was pretty frightening, but anyone would have done the same.”

He wrote on Twitter later: 'Hope the girl was alright at the airport.'

We can only imagine how gutted the fan must have felt upon waking up and realizing she’d missed the whole encounter with her favorite boyband.