MTV Movie Awards - BACKSTAGE pictures

Lots of celebs who love to mingle....

Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale

Jamie Foxx

Jamie and the ladies

Amanda Bynes

Amanda and Anna Faris

Andy Dick

Andy and Jessica Alba

Anna Faris

Christian Bale and Bradon Routh

Brandon and Kate Bosworth

Brandon, Kate and Kevin Spacey

Bale and Kevin Spacey

Bale and Kate Bosworth

Colin F. and Jamie Foxx

Eva Mendes and Jake G.

Eva and Rosario Dawson

 Famke Janssen

Famke and Rebecca Romjin

Flavor Flav and Kevin Spacey = OTP

 Hayden Christensen 

Hayden and Owen Wilson

Jake G.

Jake and Kevin

Jessica Alba

Jessica and Robert Rodriguez

Alba and Rosariio Dawson

Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook

Jessica and Papa Joe

Jim Carrey

Justin Tiimberlake

Justin, Kevin and Kate B.

Kate Bosworth

kate Hudson

Matt Dillon, Kate and Owen

Matt and Eva M.

Owen Wilson and Hayden

Rebecca Romjin

Rebcca and Famke

Robert Rodriguez and Jessica A.

Rosario and Jessica A.

Samuel L.Jackson and Spike Lee

Steve Carrell, Kevin S.

Steve, John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell

No one likes Zach Braff...


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