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Paltrow trashes Martin's computer

Gwyneth Paltrow has broken her husband Chris Martin's computer, almost destroying new Coldplay songs stored on it.

The actress accidentally knocked the computer over at their London home, reportedly causing the outer casing to be badly damaged and rendering it difficult to turn on.

A source told the Daily Mirror: "The hinges broke and the screen was hanging off. It wouldn’t turn on. Chris does a lot of work on there and the computer is his baby."

Luckily for the 33-year-old star, and thousands of Coldplay fans, the saved files on the machine were left intact and nothing was lost.

Damnit, I was hoping he'd been downloading horse porn or something and she found it.

Hartnett and Johansson still together

Josh Hartnett has rubbished rumours that he and Scarlett Johansson have split up after a year of dating.

Hartnett has been rumoured to have been out partying with a string of blonde girls in recent weeks.

A spokesperson for the 27-year-old Sin City star told the New York Daily News that the couple "are still together".

The couple met on the set of their forthcoming movie, The Black Dahlia, in Bulgaria.

Lohan asks Madonna for London house help

Lindsay Lohan wants to move to London to be closer to her new man, and has enlisted the help of Madonna.

The 19-year-old is seeing Jamie Burke, who was introduced to her by model Kate Moss. "I'm getting a place in London - I kind of like a boy there," Lohan said.

The Daily Mirror reports that after Madonna's gig in Las Vegas last weekend, Lindsay spoke to the singer about moving to London. A source said that Madonna was telling her where to live, the best shops and the best places to party.

Rooney bids £150K for night out with rapper

Wayne Rooney has paid £150,000 for a night out in New York with P Diddy - even though he is not yet old enough to drink in the United States.

The footballer outbid Sharon Osbourne for the date at David and Victoria Beckham's recent World Cup charity auction.

After winning the prize, Rooney was overheard whispering to fiancée Coleen McLoughlin, "It's for you, love".

The couple soon realised that they will have to delay the night out - as Rooney does not turn 21 until October 24, and McLoughlin's next birthday is in April next year.

A friend told the Sunday Mirror, "Wayne loves P Diddy's music and was really looking forward to a huge 'bling' night out in New York. But one of his friends told him they'd not be able to enjoy America properly until they're 21. Wayne was gutted. He didn't think about it because he was carried away with the moment and hasn't been to America.

"When they do go, the night is bound to involve a lot of drinking. Diddy is known for his love of Cristal champagne. Coleen thought it was funny, luckily."

'Lost' star denies alcohol problems

Lost star Michelle Rodriguez has denied she has an alcohol problem, despite time behind bars for violating her probation and for drink driving.

"My father threw up his liver. If I were going to be an alcoholic, I'd know it by now," she said.

When asked if she planned to curb her drinking in light of her recent troubles she said "that's bulls**t. I'll be spending most of my days in London or France and I'll just work there for the next couple of years."

The actress added "I don't come and pretend to be some perfect broad. I am imperfect, but I get there. I do the job, I'm good at what I do and I go home. I'm not worried."