I Knew I Wasn't The Only One Who Noticed This

'Spider-Man' & Bing: Microsoft's Product Placement Gets Twitter Talking

When product placement goes wrong: Moviegoers who saw "The Amazing Spider-Man" were quite surprised to see Peter Parker using Bing, and have since taken to Twitter and Reddit to complain.

At the crux of the matter is the fact that Parker is a teenage science nerd. Fans of "Spider-Man" claim it's unlikely someone like Parker would use Bing, and point to other not-so-subtle moments in Microsoft's promotion of the search engine.

Tact (or lack thereof) aside, Bing is becoming a commanding presence in the search engine business. A May study found that it had already snapped up 30 percent of the search market, with queries rising 11 percent year-over-year. Google, which remains the most popular search engine, dropped 11 percent over the same time period.

We've reached out to Sony, the studio behind "The Amazing Spider-Man," for comment.

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