Nepotism: the Naked Edition

It has been a rough year for Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughters.

First, their mother was hospitalized after a health scare, and then reportedly went to rehab for anorexia and prescription medication abuse -- and now, youngest daughter Tallulah Willis is poised to be the latest celebrity dealing with a nude photo scandal. (lol que)

RadarOnline reports that topless photos -- allegedly of the 18-year-old -- are being shopped around to various media outlets. According to the website, four photos of the topless teen smoking what appears to be a joint are being offered for sale.

Willis just graduated high school last month, but she's no stranger to a little controversy. In April 2011, then 17-year-old Willis was cited for underage drinking in Hollywood.

Tallulah's older sister Scout also recently had a run-in with the law. The 20-year-old Brown University student and singer was arrested in June for underage drinking. Scout was caught drinking a beer at 6.p.m in the middle of New York's Union Square, and made things worse for herself when she tried to pass off fake identification to the transit cop who questioned her.


At least she's 18 but so screwed up :/

PS: NHF weed being scandalous

PPS: Can nepotism be a tag?