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Vancouver Real Housewife Mary Zilba is 'one proud mother'

(Cole Zilba is white boy number 1, on left.)

While a lot of parents are busy figuring out their kids’ summer vacation, The Real Housewives of Vancouver star Mary Zilba knows her oldest son Cole is going to have one heck of a summer job.

Eighteen-year-old Cole Anderson (his dad is local venture capitalist Frank Anderson) has recently been accepted into the William J. Clinton (yes that Clinton) Foundation’s summer internship program.

“I’m so proud of him,” said Zilba. “Cole has always been a leader. He’s a very bright charismatic young man.”

The recent Vancouver College graduate has been chosen to be one of 13 teenagers from around the globe to land a spot working for the internationally respected foundation based in Harlem, New York.

Not only is it exciting but the timing is pretty great when you consider the summer before Cole gets to cast his ballot in his first American Presidential election he will be spending time working for a former president.

Born in Vancouver Anderson also holds an American citizenship card thanks to his mother who was raised in Ohio.

“Getting to vote is so exciting,” said Cole, who will enroll in the Political Science faculty at UBC this fall.

“The last presidential race he really got into it,” said Zilba. “He was into to every election here too.”

With politics being his interest Cole said he chose the part of the Clinton Foundation internship that would best suit those future plans. Beginning in a couple of weeks he will enter the executive office and development and fundraising arms of the foundation.
“With the executive offices you get to work with the team that works with the president planning his schedule and working on his different agendas,” said Cole. “It’s something I really wanted to get into because I love politics it is what I want to do when I get older. It is something I want to learn from President Clinton and his team.”

So will Cole come in contact with Clinton? He says yes, but it will likely never be a surprise bump into Bubba at the Harlem headquarters.

“He won’t be in all the time,” said Cole an honours student throughout high school. “You get advance notice, you know so you will put on your suit and that stuff.”

After being told about the internship by close family friend and Clinton associate local mining/filmmaking magnet Frank Guistra, Cole went about landing the amazing summer job. The process included an extensive application and a lengthy four-person interview.

“I was nervous, but they were super nice and made me feel very comfortable,” said Cole.

One of the essay topics was why the Clinton Foundation?

“I was interested in the fact that it is not just a foundation that works internally but that they work around the world through humanitarian means,” said Cole. “Just making that difference in the world is major a thing and to do it through the William J Clinton Foundation is amazing. It’s something I will be able to take from this and apply it my life in so many ways.”

An exciting time for sure, but also a nerve wracking time.

“I am having my own issues with him leaving. I am making him spend a lot of time with me right now,” said Zilba, who has two younger sons Chase, 16, Chad, 14.

But to be honest Cole won’t be dropped off at the airport and given a kiss goodbye. Mom is going to New York with him to get him settled in the city he has never set foot in before.

“I am so nervous about what he’s going to eat? About him doing his laundry,” said Zilba, who is putting together a recipe book and plans on stocking his freezer with home cooking.

“I understand how huge of an opportunity this is, you know how many young people would love to have this opportunity?” said Zilba, who added “if” she does season two of RHOV that maybe production would visit her in New York.

“I am so proud of him, it makes me tear up,” said Zilba “I know he’s going to be alright. I know he can get out there in the world and make something of himself.”

Well he couldn’t ask for a better start.

lol isn't this the kid who flunked grade 12 math?
also ONTD: have you graduated? how are your summer internships/job searches/jobs/etc going so far?

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