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As election approaches, celebs choose sides

Editor's Note: Nicole Lapin is the editor of Recessionista.com.

Celebrity political endorsements and financial contributions peaked during the 2008 campaign and have gained steam early this election cycle.

Last go around, Obama raised millions from the entertainment industry. He is already posed to to top that this year. Earlier this month, he attended fundraising dinners at the home of actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, in New York, and George Clooney in Los Angeles, the latter which raised around $15 million for the Obama campaign.

Romney, who’s camp has criticized Obama for being more interested in spending time with the stars than running the country, has the backing of rock star and guns-rights advocate Ted Nugent, and Hollywood tough guy Chuck Norris. Kid Rock made an appearance at a recent Romney rally, and WWE legend Vince McMahon is also a devoted donor.

President Obama

George Clooney

Oprah Winfrey

Mick Jagger

Sarah Jessica Parker

Jamie Foxx

Steven Spielberg

Mitt Romney

Donald Trump

Ted Nugent

Chuck Norris

Kid Rock

Vince McMahon

Jerry Bruckheimer

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