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Jena Malone = Johanna Mason

Jena Malone Reportedly Offered 'Catching Fire' Role

Hey, errbody! It's time, once again, for a rousing edition of "What's My Mason?" the exciting rumor-mongering game in which we tell you that we really, seriously for serious this time, know who's on tap to snag the hottest up-for-grabs lady role in "Catching Fire" ... and where whatever we tell you will, nevertheless, almost certainly turn out to be a bunch of baloney! Because that keeps happening! Over and over! But hey, you love it, right? Yeah, us too. And that sound you hear is definitely not our teeth grinding down to tiny little enameled nubs in frustration at their inability to just cast the damn part, already.

Anyway! Despite earlier reports that Mia Wasikowska Zoe Aggeliki Jena Malone Zoe Aggeliki was literally holding the pen in her hand and preparing to sign her "Catching Fire" contract right this minute, The Hollywood Reporter now tells us that it's Jena Malone who has the offer in the bag and is in final negotiations to play Johanna.

Which would be great news for all the previously mentioned reasons that we love Jena as Johanna (blah blah butt-kicking awesome actress blah blah), but which we will also believe NEVER, not even after we have actually seen the movie, because under the circumstances we don't trust the studio not to come out after the fact and tell us that the Jena Malone-looking individual who appeared to be playing Johanna was actually a life-sized puppet wearing a realistic human skin.

But okay, no, really. Jena Malone. Yay! Probably. Probable yay. Tiny cautious yay that we can snatch back if it turns out not to be true. There's your yay, folks. YAY.

Okay, so... Jena? Yes? Are you cautiously optimistic?


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