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Victoria Jackson: Imbecile Extraordinaire goes full-on anti-LGBT

Victoria Jackson, the very-former Saturday Night Live comedian who disappeared for decades before re-emerging as a Tea Party wingnut, now has yet another new YouTube-based show, and in this recent episode of The Victoria Jackson Show, spews racism, sings anti-lesbian commentary, attacks gay people, and one gay person in particular: Dan Savage.

Jackson, who seems to have been booted from her own Politichicks creation, opens the video with a song somehow lamenting about how suburbanites aren’t considered cool anymore, but lesbians and heroin addicts are. Then, she introduces her guest Sonja Schmidt, an African-American she calls her “coffee colored sidekick.”

Jackson then introduces her other guest, Gary DeMar, who says that gay people use the word gay, rather than homosexual, because “they’re trying to cover up the real issue,” and says that comparisons to race are incorrect because “skin color is benign, there’s no behavior attached to a person’s race… but homosexuality is about not just some sexual thoughts but sexual actions.”

“Most people oppose homosexuality because they understand homosexuality is biologically impossible,” DeMar says, adding, “It’s irrational, immoral, unnatural.”

Jackson and Schmidt, discussing portrayals of gays in the media, always make gays the best friend. ”They never make it Dan Savage,” Jackson falsely claims.

Amusingly, Jackson intros her show by claiming it’s about freedom of speech, then in the second half, tries to redefine terms like pro-choice and gay rights. Apparently, it’s about her freedom of speech.

DeMar apparently doesn’t read polls, because he claims blacks are more opposed to homosexuality than whites — which is false. DeMar then unwittingly outs black pastors who are breaking IRS regulations by stating their congregants are not allowed to vote for President Obama.

Jackson closes by asking, “Why are people pushing the homosexual agenda?”


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