Husband of Harry Styles' fling calls him "a rat", "a predator" etc.

[...]A friend told the Sunday Mirror: ­“Oliver was devastated.

He told me he asked ‘Harry Styles? The little scumbag with Caroline Flack?’ She nodded. He didn’t know how to respond. He was speechless.”

Pouring his heart out to the friend, ­Oliver, 31, admitted he was “outraged”. The friend said “I think the pain was unimaginable. Not only was his wife telling him she had slept with somebody else, she was telling him it was with Harry Styles.

“He told me, ‘I’m devastated. I feel every emotion... hatred, ­sadness, ­disappointment.”
[That's definitely not every emotion, though. Fear, mirth and ennui are missing - and that's just at first glance]

After our shock ­revelations ­Oliver told his pal: “Harry is a rat. Since his fling with Lucy has been ­revealed, he’s been hailed a hero – an innocent lad who just happens to like older women.

“Teenage boys look up to him. Teenage girls want to be with him.”

The friend told the Sunday Mirror: “To ­Oliver, Harry is just a spoilt little rich kid who does ­whatever he wants, when he wants – no ­matter the consequences.

"Just because Harry is young doesn’t mean he is some innocent victim being hunted down by older women. In Oliver’s eyes, it’s the women who need to be careful. And men need to be on their guard.”

A former colleague of Lucy at ­Manchester’s Key 103 radio station told us: “It was Harry who asked for Lucy’s number. She was ­feeling low about the state of her marriage – it seemed a bit of fun.

“He pursued Lucy. It was him who did a lot of the running, sending flirty texts and messages on Twitter. Eventually, after all the flirting they ended up at a hotel. It was the talk of the radio station.”

A friend said: “Initially Oliver blamed Lucy. Who wouldn’t? He was really confused and didn’t know what to do.

“But that was only until he calmed down. Lucy refused to give up on their ­marriage, as did Oliver. All relationships go through bad patches – and the despair was tough – but this couple knew they wanted to make a real go of it.”

The friend said Oliver told him: “We faced up to the cracks in our marriage and realised we had got lost. We opened up, put everything out there and found our way back. Our marriage is actually stronger. It was a wake-up call.”

Since our revelations Lucy, who now co-presents the breakfast show on Heart South Coast, has been publicly scorned – and chased off Twitter by abuse from hysterical 1D fans.

Devotees called her a b**** and a s***, with one saying: “I can’t believe you sleeping with a 17-year-old you b**** you have made me cry.”

She was branded a “dirty paedophile” despite Harry being over the legal age of consent. ­Another fan wrote: “No one better blame @Harry_Styles for this! I bet @lucyhorobin raped him.”

Yesterday a work colleague of Lucy’s told how the internet trolls had left her devastated. He said: “The ­reaction Lucy had was vile. Harry seems to have walked away unscathed. It takes two to tango.

“But I’m sure when things calm down she’ll rejoin Twitter. She has received a lot of support as well as the negative comments. She has a lot of fans.”

Last night Lucy declined to comment.

A pal close to Harry said: “To him it was clear Lucy had separated from her husband. He had no idea she was still married.”

[And now for more pleasant things.]

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