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When Katie Holmes filed to divorce Tom Cruise Thursday after five years of marriage, she already had a contingency plan in place to ensure that she and the couple's 6-year-old daughter, Suri, would be taken care of.

Sources tell Us Weekly exclusively that the 33-year-old actress rented her own New York City property -- separate from the home the couple shares when they're in town together -- just prior to filing for divorce.

With Cruise, 49, away filming the sci-fi flick Oblivion in Iceland, Holmes quietly filed divorce papers with the aid of a New Jersey-based attorney, and requested sole custody of the couple's daughter.

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Katie Holmes was spurred on to file for divorce from Tom Cruise after becoming "sick" of the actor's controlling ways, a source tells exclusively.

source close to the Dawson's Creek star tells that as the excitement and glamour of dating one of the world's biggest superstars wore off Katie was left feeling more and more irritated by Tom and his desire to control their relationship, their daughter's upbringing and Katie's every move.

"When Katie first met Tom she was blown away by him," the source says. "She had idolized him as a child and then here she was, with him, in person. Tom turned on the mega-watt smile and the amazing charm that he is capable of exuding and Katie was totally caught up in it all.

"He totally whisked her off her feet, romance, love, private jets, shopping sprees, all the razzle dazzle that goes with being an A-lister, Katie got caught up in. The next thing you know, she is pregnant and then she's getting married in this fairytale ceremony — she literally didn't have time to breath, let alone take stock of the situation."

The source goes on to say that as time when on though, the reality of Katie's situation and what it meant to be married to a superstar really began to sink in.

"Tom has always made all the decisions in their relationship and called all the shots and initially Katie found it charming -- don't forget, she was pretty young when they met and compared to Tom she was hardly worldly," the source says. "Tom hated her being called Katie, and wanted her to insist on being called Kate, which she hated. He vetted all her movie roles, made all the decisions about where and when they would vacation, how Suri would be raised, when she spoke to her parents, where they went for dinner, everything!

"After five years of this Katie really felt like she was going crazy and that she was actually turning into the robot that the press had always made her out to be. Katie has actually got a great personality and she used to be spunky and feisty. She changed so much when she was with Tom, she became downtrodden and insipid.

"In the end it just got too much, she was sick of it and decided she had to do something. Basically, she grew up and lost the starstruck goggles she had been wearing."

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Katie Holmes' parents have mixed emotions about the end of their daughter's marriage to Tom Cruise, is exclusively reporting.

A source close to the Holmes' family says Martin and Kathleen Holmes are "sad" that their youngest child is having to go through a divorce, but that they are also relieved to have the "old Katie" back again.

Obviously, Martin and Kathleen are sad that Katie is having to go through all this emotional turmoil and that she is going to be a single parent, but it's not like she is going to have to go it alone and she certainly won't have any financial hardship to worry about.

"Both Martin and Kathleen had very strong reservations about Katie marrying Tom, but she was an adult and they obviously couldn't stop her from following her heart. It's been tough for them over the past five years to watch Katie be controlled by Tom and they really felt that they had lost their daughter to some extent.

"So, that's the one bright side to the divorce — they feel like they're getting the old Katie back again, the strong, independent willful Katie that had all but disappeared since marrying Tom.

"Their real concern right now though is Suri. She is still trying to understand exactly what is going on and she is obviously picking up on her mom's emotions at this time and playing up to a degree.

"Katie's mom and dad are providing as much love and support as they can to their daughter and their granddaughter and are trying to make it as easy a transition as possible. And, one thing is for sure, Martin is going to do everything in his power to make sure his daughter gets everything she wants from the divorce. He is NOT going to allow her to be bamboozled and bullied anymore."

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Along with fighting over the custody of daughter Suri, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' have a fleet of houses around the world to divide up now that they are heading to the divorce court, and has details on their vast real estate fortune.

First and foremost in Tomkat's residential collection is the opulent Beverly Hills estate on Calle Vista Drive, which they bought for $30,500,000 in April 2007 just six months after their luxurious wedding in Italy, reported Trulia Luxe Living.

panning 10,286 square feet with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, the traditional style house was originally built in 1937 and sits on 1.3 acres behind majestic gates and a lengthy driveway that opens up to a tennis court and pool.

The Rock Of Ages star also owns a smaller house in Los Angeles on Torreyson Drive that he bought in 2005 before his third marriage. Costing $9.85 million, it sits above the Hollywood Hills and has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, and was the location of Suri's lavish first birthday party. That house has since reportedly been used by Church of Scientology officials for functions.

Often in the Big Apple for work or simply clothes shopping with Suri, the couple kept a residence in New York City's Greenwich Village that was purchased in April 2009 for $15,075,000. While it is small in comparison to their other palatial homes, the 8,113 square feet brownstone is large by Manhattan standards.

No real estate portfolio would be complete without a cabin in the mountains, and when they wanted to play at being snow bunnies the Cruise family retreated to a sprawling nine bedroom mansion in Telluride, Colorado, that Tom has owned since before he wed Wife # 2, Nicole Kidman.

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