iamamiwhoami wins O Music Awards Digitial Genius Award

iamamiwhoami beat out Amanda Palmer (ugh), Gorillaz, OK Go, Radiohead, and the Flaming Lips for the Digital Genius Award.

The word “genius” is pretty high praise, but it’s extremely fitting when applied to musician/enigma iamamiwhoami, who just scored The Digital Genius Award. Maybe she’ll release one of her famously cryptic videos to thank fans for their myriad votes.

iamamiwhoami first popped up on the web in December of 2009, after strange, Julie Taymor-esque videos were sent to a series of bloggers, including writers over here at MTV. She chose to keep her identity unknown, only recently revealing herself as Swedish singer Jonna Lee. Lee’s transformation from YouTube sensation to “legit” artist has been a slow one. She played last year’s Way Out West Festival in Sweden, but often forgoes the trappings of the music business (PR people, interviews, etc), seemingly to preserve the artistic merit of the iamamiwhoami project. Her first album, kin, drops this summer.

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I preordered kin June 5 and it still hasn't shipped. Boo.