Tyler Perry Didn't Like 'Prometheus' & Is Writing His Own Sci-Fi Movie; Viral Campaign For The Film

Well, if you've longed for the words Tyler Perry and "Prometheus" to appear in the same news story, today is your lucky day. It seems that Ridley Scott's sort of "Alien" world movie still has people talking, and opinions, as always, are fiercely divided. So leave it to Perry -- the man who has made cross-dressing into a money-making machine -- to weigh in with his own erudite thoughts on the film.

"I love Sci Fi, I love the 'Alien' movies and the 'Alien' franchise. I was very disappointed with 'Prometheus,' but I love that whole franchise," he told Blackfilm (via Collider). There's no word on exactly what he didn't dig about the movie (there are a few things to choose from, certainly) but never fear, because dude is going to put his own stamp on the genre: "I’m actually working on a sci-fi movie right now…. I’m writing a sci-fi movie that I’m really excited about," he said, while declining to elaborate.

"Madea Goes To Space"? God we hope so. But in fairness to Perry, we suppose it is intriguing that he's doing something well outside his usual wheelhouse. But then again, "Alex Cross" looks like a disaster so maybe he shouldn't keep the wigs and floral print dresses too far behind.

In related "Prometheus" news, the viral campaign continues, with a recruitment video that tips off fans that they will be able to join the Weyland Corporation at Comic-Con. No word on exactly what this is (remember, the date of October 11, 2012 has already been teased for...something) but in a few weeks, we'll surely find out.