10 juicy pieces of celebrity gossip (including blind item reveals) from Lainey’s annual Smut Soirée


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Dan Levy and Lainey Lui (Image: Erin Seaman)

It was a veritable gossip summit last night at the Evergreen Brick Works, where 800 people—almost all female—turned up for The Society’s seventh annual Smut Soirée with LaineyGossip blogger andeTalk personality Lainey Lui. Smut lovers came from as far away as Thunder Bay, London and Ottawa to meet the Toronto-born blogger, who’s known for her scandalous—and trustworthy—blind items. Sure, there was a lot of sponsored swag and no shortage of VitaminWater, but the highlight of the night was, of course, the gossip. After a brief introduction from Ashleigh Dempster and Amanda Blakley, Lainey took the stage with television host Dan Levy for an hour-and-a-half Q&A. The five juiciest tidbits from last night’s giant girly gabfest—plus five blind riddle reveals—after the jump.


1. Brad Pitt has a code name at the Ritz-Carlton

Lainey, who has covered TIFF for eTalk and the Globe and Mail, revealed what staffers at the Ritz-Carlton call Brad Pitt when he stays there during the festival: Goldilocks. He can fall asleep in our bed any time. (He might have to, since everyone now knows his secret name. Or, um, he can just change his secret name.)

2. Kim Kardashian is cheap

Kanye West’s girlfriend, as Lainey prefers to call her, supposedly coveted a Fendi fur coat at Harrods in London—but the reality star, whose family banked $65 million last year, made a wrangler negotiate 30 per cent off before she took out her wallet.

3. John Travolta is definitely gay—and Alexander Skarsgard is bi

“No one leaves here tonight thinking John Travolta isn’t gay!” Lainey declared. She also guaranteed that “somebody here knows somebody who’s been propositioned.” She named the Brant House andMayfair Clubs among the actor’s GTA hangouts, but more surprising was the confirmation that True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard likes ladies but “partakes in the other thing too.”

4. Halle Berry and her publicist use baseball signs to communicate

Lainey revealed that if Halle Berry doesn’t feel like answering an interview question, she’ll use baseball signals to tell her publicist to answer for her.

5. Beyoncé definitely had that baby herself—and she’s an even harder worker than we thought

Lainey insisted Beyoncé didn’t fake her baby bump. Levy added that the singer’s been known to stay up until 5 a.m. after concerts, watching tapes of the performance and making notes for future shows. “Someone who works that hard, do you think she’d let someone have her baby for her?” Levy asked. Okay, it’s not solid proof, but it’s a good point.

Blind Item Reveals

1. The actress who asked a PA to pick up her bloody tampon: Paz de la Huerta

Lainey confirmed outright that Paz de la Huerta is the subject of this disgusting blind. While shooting a nude scene for Boardwalk Empire, she yanked out her not-so-sanitary sanitary product, dropped it on the floor and asked the PA—in front of the entire crew—to pick it up. (Gross.)

2. The married actor who had an on-set affair: Christian Bale

When Christian Bale’s name came up, Lainey said cryptically, “When it’s more than two weeks and less than four weeks it’s…” Three weeks? This has LaineyGossip followers convinced that Bale cheated withAnne Hathaway while working on The Dark Knight Rises.

3. The husband who strayed with an actress, and the wife who still won’t leave him: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Lainey said pointedly that Jennifer Garner would be “dedicated to [Ben Affleck] for a long time”—an allusion to her blind about a woman who won’t leave her no-good husband. Lainey added that Affleck had “recognized some mistakes.” Like these ones? Then she revealed, “It might’ve been more than just Gossip Girls; it might’ve been Bond girls too.” Hmmm.

4. The dimpled actor who scared another actor straight: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

An audience member asked Lainey about “Dimples,” a cutie-pie actor who had a torrid affair with “Drama,” a dramatic, dark and difficult fellow thespian. “Have you seen (500) Days of Summer?” Lainey replied. Why, yes, we have. But who’s Drama? Well, Lainey certainly thinks Michael Pitt is dramatic, darkand difficult.

5. The celebrity who’s a bad mom and boss: Heidi Klum

When someone asked if Jennifer Lopez was not a doting mother, audience members yelled out, “No! Heidi Klum!” Lainey said J. Lo was the wrong guess for the mom who feeds her kids junk and gets suspicious foot massages from her bodyguard. Then she offered: “Christian Siriano was on a show called…” Project Runway, anyone?