Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree to disagree here...

John Barrowman named Rear Of The Year

The 'Torchwood' actor and 'Coronation Street' actress Shobna Gulati were deemed to have the best bottoms in showbusiness by the clothing company and both are thrilled their toned posterior's have been awarded the honour.

John, 45, said: "With tush tightly toned, cheeks firmly clenched and a big smile on my face, I'm thrilled to be awarded the accolade."

Shobna added: "I am really honoured and flattered to be a winner of this year's competition and for my bum to be etched into the history of the award's alumni - a list which includes so many other distinguished bottoms.

''And I'd also like to say thanks - in the words of, 'I got it from my mama'."

Source (yes obviously this post was partly created to have a celeb ass spam)