Sony Released So Many Damn Spider-Man Clips, Someone Made a Movie Out of Them

The first reviews for “The Amazing Spider-Man” may be glowing but fans can't help but feel a tinge of desperation in the way Sony marketed it. Below is a 25-minute video of footage from the film – as released by Sony itself.

In other words, the movie studio gave away almost half an hour of its insanely-anticipated release through various promo materials.

That still leaves 110 minutes more to see in theaters, but it also speaks volumes for how badly Sony wants people to see the film, especially with Warner Bros.' “The Dark Knight Rises” hot on its heels.

Check out the video below to see what we mean. Because the videos used in the making of this one were of varying quality, this too is pretty uneven.

However, if you're a Spidey fan and would rather not be spoiled until the film is out (as is the case with us), we'd advise against checking out the clip.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone will be out on July 3.