Memories....8 Awesome Years of Celeb Gossip

Considering Oh No They Didn't birthday is this week, I thought I'd create a post to commemorate the best moments, lingo, stans and boyfriends ONTD has had over the past eight years. We've been through good times... and Frank times.. but overall, this community continues to get stronger with each passing day. So let us remember:

Stans that 'Slay' ONTD

ONTD Debut: ?
Stan Lifetime:  ? - Present
Notable Posts with Brandy Stan Present: Pop star related
Stanemeies: Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears stans.
Annoying Factor: 3/10
Interesting Fact: Brandy stans kind of just pop out of nowhere. They go months without making an appearance, and then ... within one post, they suddenly all emerge and form some unique bond haha.

Britney Spears
ONTD Debut: The day ONTD began.
Stan Lifetime: 2004 - Present
Notable Posts with Spears Stan Present: Any post regarding K-Fed, head shaving incident, posts that crown Gaga as the queen of pop, X-Factor USA season 2, Demi Lovato posts, Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy announcement and the arrival of the Hold It Against Me video release.
Stanemeies: Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, The Wanted, One Direction and Demi Lovato stans.
Annoying Factor: 11/10

Demi Lovato
ONTD Debut: Late 2006
Stan Lifetime: Late 2010  - Present
Notable Posts with Lovato Stan Present: X-Factor USA season 2 post, anything pertaining to the Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears posts, posts involving rehab in anyway, and latina posts
Stanemeies: Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, One Direction, Jonas Brothers and Britney Spears stans.
Annoying Factor: 6/10
Interesting Fact: These stanemies keep trying to make Demi a household name. Most of ONTD does not give a shit.

Lady Gaga
ONTD Debut: 2008
Stan Lifetime: Late 2008 - Present
Notable Posts with Gaga Stan Present: Every post pertaining to Lady Gaga's Born This Way album, 'Telephone', 'Bad Romance' and 'Paparazzi' music video premieres, post-award show meat dress fiasco, and Christina Aguliera related posts.
Stanemies: Everyone who stans for another popstar (male or female).
Annoying Factor: 100/10
Interesting Fact: Gaga stans never back down. They are individuals who can not be persuaded into changing their mind about this popstar.

One Direction
ONTD Debut: 2010
Stan Lifetime: 2011 - Present
Notable Posts with Direction Stan Present: EVERY FUCKING POST APPROVED THIS YEAR
Stanemies: Everyone who is not a fan of One Direction, and Big Time Rush fans.
Annoying Factor: 50/10
Interesting Fact: Directioners are more accepting than Gaga fans, thus they can be less annoying. Also, most Directioners are actually older than the boyband they stan for.

ONTD Debut: 2008
Stan Lifetime: 2008 - Present
Notable Posts with Superhero Stans Present: Any post talking about movies, summer blockbusters and of course, any time a post is regarding an actor who was in one of these films.
Annoying Factor: 10/10
Interesting Fact: These fans jump ship quicker than pirates. I swear, each time a new movie comes out, Marvel fans obsess of DC, and DC fans obsess over Marvel. I can't keep track.

Best Worst Posts

Dominic Monaghan Romance?
Occurred: 2012
One persons fictional romance shook ONTD for an entire day in 2012. As I can recall, most of the reaction comments from ONTD'ers included popcorn eating gifs, wtfs and of course... blank stares.
The original post was...sadly deleted.

Occurred:  2007
All you need to remember is... we broke the news (aka becoming a valuable celebrity news source), Perez and others took it from us and we basically took down LJ that day because everyone was going batshit crazy. Do you remember what you were doing when you entered this post?
Author comments: I still remember this post. I was dying of laughter when I saw the cover.

Occurred: 2007
This was basically the post of the century. Everyone was glued to the post, trying to find out wtf was going on. Britney stans and others united within this post as we witnessed a celebrity crumble on national television in front of our own eyes.

Shauna Sand Caught Having Sex On The Beach
If you didn't know nudes were allowed on ONTD were in for a rude awakening when you entered this post. As the title stated... Shauna Sand was having sex on the beach.

Hostage Brituation '08
Occurred:  2008
This event was actually defined on Urban Dictionary, thus I will use their definition: the name/term for the event of 01.03.08 when Britney Spears was carried off in a stretcher (with ankle restraints in use) for mental evaluation in hospital after using a toxic substance in high volume, which may have been responsible for her refusing to give her two children, sean preston and jayden james to her partner, kevin federline (kfed) within her visitation rights. -- source

Gathering of the Juggalos
Occurs: Every summer. Best post of the summer season.
Each year, the dirtiest, nastiest and funniest event of the summer happens. I swear, in most cases... no one can accurately describe the events that take place, but I can surely tell you that... a lot of Faygo is drunk.

Reality star Anna Nicole Smith dies after collapse
Occurred: 2007
The first time ONTD crashed Livejournal was during this post. The media were in a frenzy, and .. everyone in ONTD was shocked when the news officially broke.

Eli Roth talks about his Blueberries, body and cybersex proficiency
Occurred: 2009Eli Roth basically told us all too much about himself. I think this moment moved Roth from one of ONTD's boyfriends to... a total creep. ONTD has not felt the same about Roth since.

Paris Carriage
One of the dumbest posts series to occur on ONTD, I'd explain the events...but its far to stupid. Also, I can't even find the original Paris Carriage post hahaha.

Heath Ledger Dead
The day, ONTD cried in unison and vowed to go see The Dark Knight.

Michael Jackson's Death
A day filled with mixed emotions. Where were you when you heard MJ passed? Also, did you watch MTV as they marathoned all his tunes?

Woman Beater
2009 (I can't find the original post)
Once ONTD found out Chris Brown beat Rihanna, our opinion of the man changed.... Brown will forever be in our Burn Book

updates!! (as per comments)

Extra Extra! Read All About It! FOB Lead a Stupid Ass!
Awkward photos taken with an old school cellphone dominated ONTD for days.  Not to mention, Pete even recognized ONTD for spreading the photos around the internet.

Jason Statham: U Crazy.
I shall quote the original poster: "Sources say it was to impress his GF. I say it's him being well...him."

Kermit Bale
A post describing similarities between Kermit the Frog and Christian Bale that turned into one epic free for all. Some of the commentary is hilarious.

Christina Aguilera "Not Myself Tonight" Music Video
Occurred:  2010
One word: Shocking. Who allowed X-Tina to make this mess? Also... most comments revolved around the use of a ball gag?

Christina Hendricks & Olivia Munn leaked cell photos (NSFW) 
Occurred:  2012
Will you ever look at Chris Pine in the same way?

Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus Expecting First Child!!
Occurred:  2011
90% of ONTD'ers wondered how a horse could have a child.

Slim Thug: "White women treat they man like a king"
Occurred: 2010
"I'm Sorry for everything I said I was high when I did the blog pls forgive me. (tears falling as I fall down in a slow circle and die) - slimthugga

Who Is this?
Occurred: 2011
Is it or isn't it Alex Pettyfer?

Thank You for your time though, and whoever originally posted this in a FFAF post, I love you:

updated!! x2

Source: Previous ONTD posts, ONTD members on Twitter and Google Images
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