Lady Gaga Slammed For 'Piling On Pounds' On Born This Way Ball Tour

Just a few weeks ago sources claimed that Lady Gaga's friends and family were worried about her because she 'wasn't eating', but it looks as though the star is back to full health as she performed on stage in Sydney earlier this week, showing that she had gained a little bit of weight.

But the pictures, some of which were taken at an unflattering angle seem to exaggerate Lady Gaga's size.

In full costume, Lady Gaga shows a bit of a muffin-top (we'd know all about that unfortunately), and her legs seem to have taken on a more muscular shape - no doubt from all of her hardcore exercises.

But the singer has been accused of wearing costumes that are now too small for her, and looking 'pinched at the sides'.

Some readers on the MailOnline, have said that the 'Paparazzi' singer looks "horrible", "such a mess", while another adds: "..tight underwear, rubber and plastic, stilt-heeled footwear, itchy feathers and lace, huge heavy hair and headgear, layer upon layer of greasy make-up etc. etc - everything she wears looks completely uncomfortable!"


Dead at the pics of her being fat.