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Allie Gonino Gets Ambushed by Overeager Reporter While Helping Raise Awareness of Global H2O Crisis

The Lying Game's adorable Allie Gonino (Laurel Mercer) is a great sport as she gets ambushed by overeager interviewer Joe Hartzler in this video from the Thirst Project. Not to worry, it's all for a good cause! Allie is just one of the stars dedicated to raising awareness of the global water crisis through Project Thirst, an organization aimed at building fresh water wells in communities desperately in need of clean, safe water.

Like Allie, you can Take Part in this movement and bring the Thirst Project one step closer to building a well in Swaziland  not by donating money, but rather just a stroke of your keyboard. By clicking the "Take Part" button HERE and subscribing to Takepart TV, an automatic donation will be made to the Thirst Project by Take Part, and you will get exclusive access to the live stream of the celebrity-studded Thirst Project Gala on June 26. Sounds like a win-win to us!


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