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"Liz & Dick" Under Investigation by Unions

Two prominent Hollywood unions are investigating the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, The Hollywood Reporter has learned, with the moves coming in the wake of reports over the weekend that star Lindsay Lohan suffered from “exhaustion and dehydration” from overwork and that two crewmembers went to the hospital for the same reason.

The alleged problems on the biopic about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton first became public Friday, when reports surfaced that Lohan had been found unconscious in her Marina del Rey hotel room and taken to the hospital by L.A. Fire Department paramedics. Those reports were later corrected: It turned out that Lohan was asleep, not unconscious, and had not been taken to the hospital.

But according to a statement from Lohan publicist Steve Honig to KABC-TV, the paramedics who arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel did determine that Lohan was suffering from “some exhaustion and dehydration.” He said: “Lindsay worked a grueling schedule the past few days. She was on set last night at 7 p.m. and worked through the night until 8 a.m. this morning.”

Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Holley, said, “As I understand it, she was exhausted after shooting nonstop for two days.” Lohan herself tweeted that she had worked “85hours in 4days.”

If accurate, some of those figures could exceed union regulations and/or state labor laws.
In a statement to THR, actors union SAG-AFTRA said, “We're looking into this matter but can't yet provide any verified information.” A spokeswoman added, “Our people are on it.”

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