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Pictures from the Brave Premiere!

Monday I went to the Brave premiere with my sister in Hollywood.  Actually I live in LA and my sister was in town visiting so I took her to Hollywood to show her around and this was going on so we stuck around!  I am not an avid premiere-goer although I met PLENTY of people who just hit these up like no ones business.

The world premiere was screening in Dolby Theatre (formerly known as the Kodak theater).  I probably had one of the best spots for the general public and I think I got some great shots :)  I got autographs from Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, Scott Hamilton (random haha), and Kevin Nealon (also random).  Some highlights were getting a fist bump from Craig Ferguson and talking to Kevin Nealon.  I asked Kevin Nealon if he was in the movie (lol I had no idea) and he said, "I will be in 30 minutes!"  LMAO.  Oopsss.

On Hollywood Blvd. - yup the whole block was shut down.


lots more pictures behind the cut!Collapse )

source - me :)

edit: Kelly Macdonald was there  and I saw her but didn't get a good picture.  She came over a bit to the fans down to my right but not my section :(  her people escorted her away pretty quick although it seemed like she would have stayed longer.
Tags: craig ferguson, disney, red carpet and event

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