Guess who dislikes shirts

Idris Elba

This was (obviously) a while ago, but people seem to be getting more and more obsessed with him, so I thought I'd share my story. I'm the one in the ridiculous shades. Sorry about the picture quality (and my face).

He came to my country for Carnival (educate yourself) and my dad's restaurant is a really popular place for people to come and watch the bands pass because it's open air . So I get word that we have a famous person in our midst and I ALWAYS miss when someone famous comes for Carnival (could have met Jay and Bey, lifelong regret tbh).

Idris is in the back of the restaurant on top the table, no joke. I mean it's not unusual to see rowdy people, but I was kind of shocked lol. He had a bunch of security around him and I'm just like who the fuck is this guy?? Oh to be so ignorant once more. I try to approach and they crowd me like 'Don't talk to him he's busy'. Keep in mind I'm like 5 feet away from the guy so it's not like he didn't see me. So I call out to him asking to take a picture and the bitch ignores me.

I was about to give up because I had no clue who he was and it wasn't worth the effort to me, but my friend (in yellow) was really persistent and just sat down at a table (still like 5 feet away max) like 'Okay, I'll wait until he's not busy.'

Obv dude wasn't busy, but whatever I didn't want to badger the guy. But ngl I was really put off by the fact that he had us conferring with his fucking security people or whatever to get a pic with him when he's literally right there. After like 45 mins of us sitting there like it's fucking comic con or something he finally frees up enough space in his schedule to take a pic with us.

I told him thanks and apologized for the inconvenience but I was pretty pissed. I mean, Carnival is supposed to festive and happy and he was obviously there to enjoy himself, but I was at the restaurant all day and there wasn't exactly a long line of people waiting for his picture.

tl;dr it wasn't a very pleasant experience and he clearly was nhf conversing with the little people

source: my camera