The Queen of Fantasy Confirms Casting for Soon to be Hollywood Hit

Alec and Isabelle Lightwood Cast in the Next Big Hollywood Blockbuster

After a long drought without movie news, Cassandra Clare has shared some pretty exciting news.

We have an Alec and we have an Isabelle.

Cassandra Clare:"This will probably be up on Deadline and all the other good places soon enough, but Sony told me I could spill the news so I AM GOING TO. I’ve been traveling and doing Dark Artifices research in Italy and Vatican City so I wasn’t hiding from y’all, but it is nice to come back with BIG FUN NEWS TO SHARE."

Jemima West (The Borgias) has been cast as Isabelle Lightwood in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Here is what Clare had to say about her:

"Jemima West. She’s beautiful (like whoa) and really talented. You can see her as Vittoria on The Borgias right now. And before anyone freaks out that she is blonde, she’ll be dying her hair for the role. :) She had a lot of Izzy’s toughness and directness in her audition. I like her."

Clare confirmed that Phoebe Tonkin, who was a fan favorite for the role, did in fact audition for Isabelle.

Clare was asked to hold off on announcing Alec just now, but do not fret as his identity will soon be known. She did confirm that is NOT Nicholas Hoult. Here’s what she had to say:

"I just got asked to hold off on announcing Alec. Honestly, I do not do these things to torture you, I am feeling tortured myself at the moment! I can say he’s a British actor*, he has dark hair, I’m pretty sure you know who he is, I like him a lot, I’m pleased he’s going to be Alec. He and Jemima are going to be gorgeous siblings. (and I just posted some photos of her with dark hair.)"

[It’s *not* Nicholas Hoult!]

Clare confirmed that these actors will NOT be portraying Alec:

Nicholas Hoult
Ben Barnes
Douglas Booth
Freddie Highmore
Aaron Johnson
Chris Riggi

Lily Collins (Clary) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace) are also attached to star.

Filming is slated to begin on August 15 in Toronto. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is slated for an August 23, 2013 theatrical release.

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