Mariah Carey to work with Walter Afanasieff again?!

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The person who collaborated with Mariah on “Hero” and many other classics is back!

Yesterday, Isabella Afanasieff, daughter of Walter Afanasieff, shared a little secret on Twitter: “A little bird told me my dad’s flying to NY to work with her next month. It’s a secret though. Shhhhh. I think you can spill the news. I’m too excited. My father is finally going to be working with her again after 16 years.”

Not everyone believed her, so she said: “I heard it from my father. Sorry you don’t believe things. Who are you by the way? Maybe next time you want to accuse someone of lying, you should get your facts straight. And not accuse Walter Afanasieff’s kid. Just curious, who told you it’s not happening? Because I was with my dad and Randy Jackson when they were talking. Hopefully they can spark the flame that ignited that fire 20 years ago once again.”

When a fan asked if Isabella shouldn’t keep this a secret, she answered: “I was told it was ok by my dad. I did ask before I opened my mouth. But thanks for your concern. They start working mid July. To all the haters and non believers. Do you think it was easy growing up with a dad in the music industry? It wasn’t. I never saw him."

Walter's daughter, Isabella's Twitter

If this rumor is true, then we are expecting classics like Emotions, Looking In, My All, Butterfly, Hero, Everytime I Close My Eyes, etc for her 2012/2013 album! Who's excited for this collabo? Any favourite Mariah/Walter collabo, ONTD? Crying now tbh.