'Taken 2' Poster Puts Liam Neeson In Harms Way

It's only appropriate that on the day after Father's Day, a poster featuring one of the greatest father's in movie history hits the web.

Empire has the first poster for "Taken 2," the sequel to the surprise hit of 2008 starring Liam "I Have A Particular Set Of Skills" Neeson.

The poster confirms what has long been rumored as the plot of the film, which will have the Albanian bad guys from the first film seeking revenge against Neeson's Bryan Mills for simply keeping the promise he made. (He did find them, and he did kill them.)

The poster reads, "First they took his daughter. Now they're coming for him." This confirms what many have assumed to be the premise of the Oliver Megaton-directed sequel. Perpetual Eastern European bad guy, Rade Serbedzija, recently signed on to play the villain in "Taken 2," which will put Mills more on the defensive than the first film.

But honestly, it's Liam Neeson we're talking about here. We, as many of you probably do, like to think of the recent string of Neeson revenge vehicles as one continuous story of badassery and vengence. Be that as it may, Neeson is fresh off his recent trip to Alaska, where he dealt with a local wolf overpopulation. How much harm can a group of angry Europeans do?

"Taken 2" is expected to hit theaters on October 5.