Pete Campbell and Rory Gilmore are dating. For real.

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We were shocked when the innocent-seeming Alexis Bledel appeared on this season’s Mad Men as a melancholy housewife who has an affair with the smarmy Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser). Not to spoil you, but despite the sexy scene where she appears at his office wearing nothing but a fur coat and pearls, things don’t end well.

But it turns out there was an even bigger shock in store: Alexis and Vincent are dating in real life! A Crushable source boarding a flight from New York City’s JFK airport to LAX e-mailed us this report just a few minutes ago:

"They came over to the gate right as I was boarding and I saw him first. His hair is fuller and he’s got a beard, but I recognized him right away. Then he walked over and a girl with him sat down and it was Rory fucking Gilmore. They are not sitting in first class but him right in front of her in middle seats. Guess they booked last minute. He was leaning over the back of his seat talking to her and leaned over and kissed her."

Our heads exploded when we heard this. First off, they make a kind of cute couple! And the idea of a showmance is not so off-base, since Alexis did date her Gilmore Girls co-star Milo Ventimiglia for four years.

Not to mention, she did a Q&A with AMC last month, from which you could discern some subtext if you’re looking for it. When asked if she were nervous about her love scene — a racy thing for Alexis, who usually takes nonsexual roles — she said, “I was really nervous. [laughs] Yeah… [Vincent] noticed, and made it much better for me by just sort of making sure I felt comfortable. He kind of helped me take the edge off a little bit just by being nice.” She added, “He’s light and funny and has lots of energy on set. He keeps everybody energized as well.”

I searched through tumblr (for about 5 secs) for a gif of her Mad Men character drawing a heart on the car window and then erasing it to use in this post, but couldn't find one. smh.