Some Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch nudity coming our way in 'Savages'

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Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch and British actor Aaron Johnson get into a threesome in Oliver Stone's new film, "Savages," but the only skin on display is from the boys.

"Yeah, it was definitely a choice on my part," Blake told Access Hollywood on Friday at the film's junket of staying covered up. "That's a nice thing that you don't have to see all the parts, but it made..."

"It made sense for the guys," Blake's co-star, Salma Hayek, chimed in, with a laugh. "'Do you want to see some butts? Well, show yours!'"

Taylor said he didn't add in any extra workouts for his bottom-on-display scene

"I trained with SEALS so that was probably what I would have looked like if I was a SEAL," the actor said. "Training with them... you just let it fall where it may... I really just shadowed this cat and worked with him... I'm representing more of a SEAL than just worrying about one nude shot. That's what drives me."

And it didn't bother Aaron, either.

"I guess we just embrace that really," he said of the nudity. "There was no kind of sense of awkwardness at all. It's an Oliver Stone [film]... It was all a part of it really."

In the film, Taylor and Aaron play marijuana farmers who go to war with the Mexican drug cartel, headed up by Salma Hayek, who kidnaps their girlfriend (yes, the boys share a girlfriend), played by Blake Lively.

Salma comes across strong as Elena, the drug cartel leader in the film, but she said their director, Oliver, had some reservations initially.

"He claims he wrote the part with me in mind, but he was a bit concerned, maybe because I was a mother, that I've become softer, and you know what? He's right. Since I [became] a mother, I have become softer, but that doesn't mean I have become a bad actress," Salma told Access. "I can still act."

And in between takes, she found a friendship with Blake, who is 24 (Salma is 45).

"We were lucky to have each other," Blake said.

"It's a boys club [on this film], but it's not just that. I have to confess, I always found her interesting and beautiful, but my God, when you get to see this girl in action, it's inspiring," Salma said.

"She's like, infectious," Blake chimed in. "Salma is, honestly, like a drug, you're around her and you need more!"

"I'm much older than her... Oliver Stone, he's so bright and he's so strong, and you look at this lovely blond little young girl, 'She's about to get destroyed!' Oh My God! She sat down with her little blond hair [giggling, but] when she opened her mouth, I just went, 'Yes! You go girl," Salma said. "She was so intelligent and eloquent and strong, and let me tell you something. There was no pushing around Blake."

"Savages" opens in theaters on July 6.


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