'Bat For Lashes' Announces Third Album! (It's About Time)

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Yesterday, Bat For Lashes announced plans to release her third album The Haunted Man, October 15th. And last night, she played at the Junction in Cambridge, her first British show in two years. During the show, she debuted a few new songs that will presumably appear in some form on The Haunted Man. “Marilyn” is lush synthpop, “Laura” is a still and mourful piano ballad, and “A Wall” is expansively chiffony goth-pop. Watch fan-made videos of Natasha Khan performing all three below...



'A Wall'

Source: http://stereogum.com/1064482/watch-bat-for-lashes-debut-marilyn-laura-a-wall-in-cambridge/video/

I cannot wait for this album to come out because I know it will be utter perfection! I already know I'll be playing the shit out of 'Laura' for quite some time, it speaks~ to me lol...Enjoy!