Redhead goddess to release new album


Tori has re-imagined a personally hand-picked collection of songs spanning her entire catalogue with the thirteenth studio album, Gold Dust. Produced by Tori with arrangements by long-time collaborator John Philip Shenale, the new album features re-workings of songs in orchestral settings, which Tori recorded in the studio with the renowned Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Jules Buckley.

"My relationship with all of these songs has changed over the years and they have changed my life. So it wasn't just about capturing the past it was about realizing that the songs had a new narrative now - 10 or 20 years later than they did when I originally recorded them," Tori comments.

Tori will also be doing a very limited number of amazing orchestral shows.


Tori's thirteenth studio album has just been announced on!

Entitled Gold Dust, it is a career-spanning collection of her songs re-worked in an orchestral setting. With arrangements by long-time collaborator John Philip Shenale, the project with recorded with The Metropole Orkest, with whom Tori performed in Amsterdam in October 2010, under the direction of conductor Jules Buckley.

The complete tracklist hasn't been made public yet, but a press release from Mercury Classics/Deutsche Grammaphon gave us some hints regarding which songs will be included, and how they’ll be different from the originals:

Beloved gems like "Silent All These Years" and "Precious Things" take on new life alongside lesser-known treasures such as "Flavor" and a number of tracks underwent significant reworking when adapted for orchestra. Almost autobiographical in structure, the songs represent stories culled from Tori's own life relationships: "Jackie's Strength" is about her relationship with her mother, "Winter" is about her father and grandfather and "Snow Cherries from France" is about her husband.

Gold Dust is slated to be released in October 2012 and will be supported by a limited orchestral tour of Europe and the United States. So far, three dates have been announced: Rotterdam on October 1st, Brussels on October 2nd and Warsaw on October 13th, with tickets for the Warsaw show going on sale on Monday, October 11th at (the purchase link is there now).

DNW "Flavor" on this but I ♥ all the other songs mentioned. Curious to see how this turns out.

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