Truck Driver Lindsay Lohan Rear Ended Filed For Bankruptcy Last Year!

James Johnson, the truck driver rear ended on Friday by Lindsay Lohan, who has reportedly hired an attorney to pursue possible legal aciton against the starlet, filed for bankruptcy last year, listing a mere $80.00 in cash assets, is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, Lohan rear ended the dump truck on PCH last Friday. The Porsche the actress was driving was totaled and sent Lohan and her assistant to the emergency room. Both were later released and didn't suffer serious injuries.

According to the court docs filed by Johnson in February 2011, and his business JJ's Trucking, he had $57k in debts. The trucker owes $3k in taxes and earns $2762.00 per month. When Johnson filed for bankruptcy he had only $80.00 in cash, furniture worth $3500 and owed $10k on his Ford F150 truck. Johnson had a truck repossessed in 2008 and still owes $28k.

The Compton based trucker reportedly claimed in the moments after the accident that Lohan's assistant allegedly tried to bribe him to not report it to the police. Johnson said he rebuffed the offer.

TMZ spoke with truck driver James, who tells us he was injured in the crash, and apparently wants money for his pain and troubles ... thus the reason for a lawyer.

James says he saw a doctor Sunday, despite previously telling us he felt fine. He would not describe the nature of his injuries, on the advice of his hired gun.


Just another hungry tiger coming for Lindsay's bank account and the money from exclusive interviews about her.