Troll Weiner is the warden of 'Mad Men'.

The fictional ad executive Roger Sterling has now done hallucinogens. The real show runner Matthew Weiner has not, though he had his chances.

One opportunity for the "Mad Men"creator came as an undergraduate at Wesleyan University in Connecticut during Uncle Duke Day, a campus tradition where some students honored the Doonesbury comic strip character and his fondness for drugs. Weiner remembered a classmate bursting into his room and declaring: "We're all going to take mushrooms — and you're not invited."

"I was voted most likely to upset everyone," said Weiner, who laughed and then turned more serious during a lengthy interview at his Los Angeles Center Studios office. "My father was a neurologist, and I was terrified from a young age of anything that could possibly take away from my faculties or make me jump off a roof."

Much like the show, this interview is long-winded, a bit confusing, and might make you go WTF at certain points. But don't worry, I included bolding and gifs.Collapse )