Beth Ditto confirms Christina Aguilera is working with Xenomania!

Christina Aguilera conjuring up a Pop Masterpiece!

Xenomania are the most successful songwriting and production team in British Pop music.

In an interview with PopJustice (which you should all read immediately, it’s great), Queen Beth Ditto of Gossip revealed that while recording at Xenomania headquarters, she encountered a few fellow musicians in the studio.

From PopJustice:

Were there any popstars hanging about?
Beth: Florrie was there, Annie was there. That’s when Nathan and I were there anyway. And there were some other people that I don’t remember. I think they were up and coming people. But they were like ‘oh in a week Christina Aguilera’s coming in’ and I was like ‘please let me stay here’.
Beth: I would have loved to have stayed there. I bet I could have made her laugh.

Christina has been reaching out to more UK talent than ever before. She has also worked with major US Pop producers/writers like Sandy Vee in NYC and the Legendary Max Martin.

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* Christina starts filming season 3 of The Voice next week! The Voice premieres Sept 10, a day after the VMAs... perfect timing for a huge performance of the new single!? Live Shows start in late Nov. So she has a big gap of time to get the album out and even promote the second single on The Voice. Excited! ^_^ Also, there are rumors she was in the studio with Le Tigre 2 weeks and will be recording with Sia this week! Now if only Jon Hill (Monday Morning, Elastic Love) and Ladytron were tapped for the next album too... it would be perfection.