Jennifer Garner's film short 'Serena'.

Jennifer Garner’s new short film ‘Serena’ is now playing on WIGS on YouTube. The movie, which was written and directed by WIGs co-founder Rodrigo Garcia, is the first short to be featured on the network, which airs content starring all female leads.

‘Serena,’ which runs for 11 minutes and 51 seconds, follows the title character, played by Garner, who makes a series of shocking confessions to her priest. The film also stars Alfred Molina, who stars as the priest.

Of Garner and Molina’s pairing, Garcia said they were perfect. “They elevated the script and found feeling and laughter together where I had not seen it. I wish everything was this easy and fun.”

‘Serena’ is the first of 10 short films scheduled to play on WIGs, and comes after the channel’s first series, ‘Jan.’ The first six episodes of the show, which stars Caitlin Gerard, Virginia Madsen and Stephen Moyer, are now available on WIGs.

Watch ‘Serena’ below.


Hmmm...I liked it, it was quite good.