Game of Thrones Season 2: A Look Back at the Best Moments

It’s time for the Game of Thrones season 2 finale. There is little doubt that this, in the true spirit of a finale, will be one of the most exciting episodes of the season, and leave us with a few cliffhangers at the end. While we all anxiously count down the hours until our Game of Thrones craving can be whetted, let’s take a look back at some of the best moments of season 2.

An Unconventional Birth

I don’t know about you guys, but when I see a woman spreading her legs on Game of Thrones, I expect to see a little bit of a different kind of action. This was quite the shocker, and a very provocative scene, nonetheless.

Joffrey is a Sadistic Little Twerp

We’ve known from the moment we saw that sour little turnip of a face that Joffrey Lannister was a bad seed, but it became a rather shocking reality during the scene with the whores gifted to him by his Uncle Tyrion. This took him from being a mean, spoiled little kid, to being a truly cruel excuse for a human being. He’s not your average Lannister, and that’s saying a lot – none of it good.

Robb Stark & Talisa Do The Deed

This is, admittedly, a relatively minor plot point. With so much going on in the Seven Kingdoms and beyond, it is a trivial matter. It’s the first time, however, that we got to see Robb Stark for what he is: a boy. It is easy to forget, as you watch him win battles and step up to do the honorable thing, that he is still a child at heart. This allowed us to get a picture of his true feelings, and to see him as a human being. He became relate-able in that moment.

Surprise! Bran and Rickon Aren’t Dead After All

This was one of those moments that I could just feel the collective audience breathe a sigh of relief. With the steaming pile of outrage unleashed upon cyberspace at the end of the preceding episode from those who haven’t yet made it that far in the books (or who don’t read them in the first place), I think the show’s producers were feeling a little relieved as well.

Battle of Blackwater

This really goes without saying. If you tuned in last week to episode 9 (“Blackwater”), you saw the stunning special effects and riveting action scenes that comprised the battle for King’s Landing. The fleet of Stannis Baratheon threw itself upon surf and shore, to its ultimate demise. Particularly impressive was the wildfire, a gorgeous display of green flame, but even more interesting than the visual impact was the advancement of the story. We got to see all of the political ploys and the war strategies come together in spectacular fashion.

Tyrion Lannister

“Wait,” you might say, “that’s not a moment. That’s a character.” And you’d be right. It was just too damn difficult, however, to choose one single moment of the many epic ones that were created by our favorite sharp-witted, whoring, drinking Halfman, who – ironically enough – is more of a real man than those who tower over him. It just doesn’t get better than Tyrion, and I am suspecting that we won’t get to see him in theGame of Thrones season 2 finale, so he deserves a mention. Love him or hate him, he makes the show. I can’t wait to see how they handle his story arc next season.