Loreen enters the European charts! + new Eurovision rules

Last week Loreen became the 5th winner for Sweden and since that win she has entered several charts with her winning song ”Euphoria”. As expected, she is back at #1 in Sweden, but also in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland and Greece. Here is where she is currently at in each countries charts.

Sweden – #1
Norway – #1
Finland – #1
Denmark – #1
Iceland – #1
Ireland – #1
Greece – #1
The Netherlands – #2
Belgium (Flanders) – #3
Estonia – #3
Spain – #12
Belgium (Wallonie) – #24
France – #34
United Kingdom – #85 (after one day of sales)

She is doing wonders for Eurovision, especially in the United Kingdom! Even though it says she is #85 in the UK, she is continuing to rise and the official results will be out later today!


Eurovision 2013: New Rules May Exclude Belarus, Azerbaijan or even Russia

The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 was arguably the most controversial edition in the contest’s history due to human rights and freedom of the press infringements in the host country Azerbaijan. The newspaper Dagens Nyheter and several websites now report, that Nordic countries and the United Kingdom have now pushed for new ethics for the European Broadcasting Union, which organizes the contest.

The new rules apparently contain, all the competing countries in the Eurovision Song Contest must be democratic, and that dictatorships can not participate.

The details were presented at a meeting attended by representatives of the public service companies of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

In addition to the Nordic countries the United Kingdom and Austria also pushed for an ethical sharpening of the rules. The EBU will allegedly have the right to exclude existing members or prevent them from participating in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The new rules, which according to the newspaper were formally adopted at the EBU conference in Strasbourg in late June, highlights the basic requirements of democratic rights that need to be respected by a participating country.

These new rules may affect Belarus as well as this year’s host country Azerbaijan. Other countries that come to mind are Putin’s Russia and the Ukraine, which has come under fire for arresting former prime minister Julia Timoschenko. What do you think?