Game of Thrones: The Battle for Blackwater!!!!

Tonight marks the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones' second season and will contain the largest battle on the show to date.

A great deal of what has happened this season has been leading up to the battle for Blackwater Bay. In last week's episode, Tyrion and the rest of King's Landing began to prepare for Stannis' inevitable arrival. Cersei believes that Joffrey is far too young and inexperienced to fight, but Tyrion believes it is his responsibility as king to do so. Further, Joffrey is eager to prove that he is a better man than Stannis.

Meanwhile, Catelyn let Jaime head back to King's Landing with Brienne to prevent him from being slaughtered by Robb's men and risk losing her daughters. In Qarth, Daenerys told Ser Jorah that she was determined to remain behind until she could retrieve her dragons, while Arya and her friends attempted to flee Harrenhall with Jaqen's assistance.

Clearly tensions are riding high throughout Westeros, but in tonight's Game of Thrones, the action seems firmly centered on King's Landing. Stannis will arrive at Blackwater Bay, where the capital is located. From the previews below, we know that Joffrey is clearly frightened when he sees his first real battle, overwhelmed by the amount of men that Stannis has brought to his shore in his attempt to take the Iron Throne. The remaining Baratheon brother is fighting for his crown, while the Lannisters are fighting for lives. Who will emerge victorious at the end of the battle: Joffrey or Stannis?

You'll have to tune in to tonight's Game of Thrones, airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO, to find out. Until then, watch several previews for the penultimate episode below. The episode was penned by the book series' author, George R.R. Martin.


When watching tonight's Game of Thrones episode, you can try smacking King Joffrey every time he says something petulant, but replacing your TV screen gets expensive after awhile. Instead, fire off a few spit balls at this King Joffrey target.

The target, which you can purchase through RedBubble, is also available as a t-shirt, although I might worry that the site of Joffrey with a bullseye over his face would be a little too tempting for some Game of Thrones fans. It might be safer to hang him on the wall.

Enjoy the episode guys! :D

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