Disney Women Trivia Post

In follow up from this post, here is the Disney Women Post. These are mainly animated, with the exception of Mary, Giselle, and Elizabeth. 

Starting with the most fierce. 

Mary Poppins

Name: Mary Poppins, Mary.
Actress: Dame Julie Andrews.
Year: 1964.
Dress: Top, Skirt and Apron, Blue Coat, White Dress with Hat, Flower Hat. 
Traits/Special Abilities: Flying, being Mary Poppins.
Based off a book?: YES. 
Main Song(s): Feed the Birds, Stay Awake, Supercali-, A Spoonful of Sugar.
Disney Park Attraction?: I'll say yes. 
~ P.L. Travers, the author of the books that the movie is based upon, hated the movie but approved of the casting of Julie.
~ Has a Disney musical based upon the books. 
~ There were other Banks children, but they were all cut.
~ Mary is much more cold and strict in the books. 
~ Walt considered the film to be one of his highest achievements in his career.
~ Julie won an Oscar for her performance.
~ PL Travers insisted that there be NO romance between Bert and Mary.
~ There was a chance that Stay Awake would be cut from the film. Julie loved it and wrote to PL Travers, who demanded it stay in.
~ Mary and Mrs. Banks never speak to each other throughout the film.
~ Julie almost didn't take the part, as she was waiting to be offered the role of Eliza Doolittle. Julie played the role on Broadway and when she didn't receive the part in the film, took the part of Mary. 
~ It took 50 takes to film Stay Awake, as Julie wanted it to be perfect.
~ Julie did the whistling part for the robin for A Spoonful.
~ PL Travers didn't like the score. 
~ Ashley Brown, who originated the role of Mary on Broadway, played Belle at one point in the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast.
~ Feeding the birds in front of St. Paul's Cathedral has been banned, as too many people were recreating the scene.
~ Dick Van Dyke freely admits his accent was awful.


Name: Megara, Meg, Nutmeg.
Voice: Susan Egan.
Year: 1997.
Dress: Purple Dress, Gold Headband.
Traits/Special Abilities: Acting ability.
Based off a book/fairy tale?: I don't think so. 
Main Song(s): I Won't Say I'm in Love.
Disney Park Attraction?: Not really. Used to be a Hercules parade. However, there is a meetable character that pops up at EPCOT and you can see her in Fantasmic.
~ About 18. 
~ Afraid of heights.
~ Had another song in the movie but it was cut. 
~ Barbara Stanwyck was the inspiration of Meg. 
~ Susan Egan originated the role of Beauty and the Beast on Broadway (I saw her twice, she was STUNNING.)
~ Her eyes were originally blue but were changed to purple.
~ Doesn't change outfits throughout the film.
~ Only heroine to really belong to the bad side, due to her deal with Hades.
~ First Disney Heroine to have a boyfriend before the film took place.
~ In the TV series, it's said she used to be a cheerleader.


Name: Esmeralda, 
Voice: Demi Moore (speaking), Heidi Mollenhauer (singing).
Year: 1996.
Dress: White Top, Purple Skirt, Headband, Scarf Belt, White Dress.
Traits/Special Abilities: Dancing, "magical" abilities, palm reading.
Based off a book/fairy tale?: Yup. 
Main Song(s): God Help the Outcasts.
Disney Park Attraction?: Used to be a show. Meetable character every now and then at EPCOT.
~ In the book, her birth name was Agnes.
~ While not an official princess, she does appear in princess related material.
~Hung in the book, while in the movie she is burnt at the stake. 
~ First heroine to have green eyes.
~ Every part of the Hellfire scene had to be gone through, to ensure that Esmeralda was completely and fully clothed.
~ Only heroine to have her religion shown.
~ In the book, it's Esmeralda's mother who dies after being pushed and hitting her head on the ground.
~ In the book, Esmeralda doesn't like Quasi at first, but then grows to like him. 
~ The film is considered one of Disney's darkest.
~ Esmeralda is the first heroine to deal with perversion.


Name: Nala.
Voice: Niketa Calame (child), Moira Kelly (adult), Sally Dworsky (singing).
Year: 1994. 
Dress: None.
Traits/Special Abilities: Fighting ability?
Based off a book/fairy tale?: Hamlet.
Main Song(s): Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Just Can't Wait to Be King, Shadowlands (Musical).
Disney Park Attraction?: There was The Lion King Parade. Now the Broadway Musical, and Festival of The Lion King. 
~ During early production, Nala had a little brother, Mheetu. 
~ Original name was Nadra. 
~ When seen hunting Pumbaa, her eyes are green. The rest of the movie, they're blue. 
~ Has teal coloured eyes. 
~ Name is of Tanzanian origin. It means gift.
~ Debate as to who her father is. Many believe it's Scar, making Nala Simba's paternal cousin. Scar allows her to live, when male lions (rarely) kill cubs that aren't theirs. 
~ Similar to Faline from Bambi. Both only have a mother on screen and both fall in love with their childhood friends. 
~ Mother's name is Sarafina

Broadway Song:.

Name(s): Jane Porter.
Voice: Minnie Driver.
Year: 1999.
Dress: Yellow Dress, Jungle Outfit, Yellow Top and Khaki Skirt, White Opera Gloves. 
Traits/Special Abilities: Animal knowledge, Artistic ability. 
Based off a book/fairy tale?: Yes. 
Main Song(s): None. 
Disney Park Attraction?: Sort of, Tarzan's Tree House at DL. 
~ In the book, she's blonde and American. 
~ Father's name is Professor Archimedes Q. Porter. 
~ Is ticklish. 
~ Blue Eyed.
~ Minnie Driver basically adlibbed the entire quick, breathless speech where she tells her dad and Clayton about meeting Tarzan. 


Name(s): Giselle. 
Voice/Actress: Amy Adams. 
Year: 2007. 
Dress: Wedding Dress, Pink Dress, Blue and Flowery Dress. 
Traits/Special Abilities: Singing, Working with Animals, True Love's Kiss. 
Based off a book/fairy tale?: Yes and No, inspired by a bunch of princesses.
Main Song(s): That's How You Know, Happy Working Song, 
Disney Park Attraction?: No. 
~ Is not an official princess as Disney realized it would have to pay Amy Adams royalties for the use of her likeness.
~ Not technically a princess, as she never married Edward. 
~ The wedding dress weighed 45 pounds. A stunt double had to teach Amy how to walk in it. 
~ The voices of Ariel and Belle, and the singing voice of Pocahontas all appear in the film. 
~ Giselle was originally blonde but the colour was changed in order to make it fit better on film. 
~ Out of 300 actresses to audition for Giselle, Amy was 275. 
~ That's How You Know took 17 days to film, as Patrick Dempsey's fans delayed shooting and the weather kept changing. 
~ Giselle's outfits change throughout the movie, from fairy tale like to reality suited, where was Robert's outfits go from reality suited to more fantasy like.
~ The outfit Giselle creates at the beginning of the film is worn by Robert, not Edward, at the ball. 
~ Last movie to be nominated for 3 Best Original Song Oscars. It lost out on every song. The Academy decided that to give other films a chance, a movie could now only have a maximum of two songs nominated. 

Elizabeth Swann. 

Name(s): Elizabeth Swann, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Turner, Miss Swan, Mrs. Turner, Lizzie, Poppet, Calypso, Captain, Pirate Lord.
Actress: Lucinda Dryzek(child), Keira Knightley. 
Year: 2003, 2006, 2007. 
Dress: Purple Dress, Party Dress (CotBP), Wedding Dress, Cabin Boy Outfit, Singapore Outfits, Pirate Lord Outfit, Battle Outfit (just how many outfits does she have??). 
Traits/Special Abilities: Fighting Abilities. 
Based off a book/fairy tale?: No?
Main Song(s): A Pirate's Life for Me. 
Disney Park Attraction?: Kind of, even though she's not in the ride.
~ Will's curse is broken by the end of At World's End, confirmed by the writers. Elizabeth remained faithful to Will over the 10 years he was away. Because of this, there's a post scene credits in AWE, which shows Will going back to land to see Elizabeth and their son, Will. There's a green flash and this signals the curse is broken and Will is human again. 
~ Father's name is Weatherby. 
~ Every man she kissed/loved throughout the films dies in some form or another (Jack, Norrington, Will and her father). 
~ Keira wore wigs during DMC. 
~ Pirate's flag is supposed to be black with a red skeleton. 
~ One of three characters that originally had no direct connection to piracy.

Maid Marian.

Name(s): Maid Marian, Marian. 
Voice: Monica Evans (speaking), Nancy Adams (singing). 
Year: 1973.
Dress: Purple Headdress, Purple Dress. 
Traits/Special Abilities: Good with kids. 
Based off a book/fairy tale?: Yes. 
Main Song(s): Love. 
Disney Park Attraction?: Nope. 
~ Ears aren't really seen. 
~ Only female character in the film to wear shoes. 
~ Though not technically a princess, she lived in a castle. 
~ Is the only animal version of Maid Marian. 
~ In the alternate ending of the film, King Richard returns and orders Friar Tuck to marry Robin and Marian. 
~ Considered one of the weaker Disney Adaptations. 
~ Robin and Marian are one of several animal couples who knew each other as children (although this isn't seen) and end up falling in love and getting married. Other couples include Bambi and Faline, and Simba and Nalan. 
Sorry, I couldn't find a decent vid of Marian, so her song is in this one.


Name(s): Wendy, Wendy Bird, Wendy Darling. 
Voice: Kathryn Beaumont. 
Year: 1953. 
Dress: Blue Dress, Blue Bow. 
Traits/Special Abilities: Motherly ability. 
Based off a book/fairy tale?: Yes. 
Main Song(s): Your Mother and Mine. 
Disney Park Attraction?: Yes. 
~ Has two children, Moira and Danny. 
~ Husband's name is Edward. 
~ Full name is Wendy Moira Angela Darling. 
~ In some of the Disney Storybooks, her dress and bow are pink. 
~ Kathryn Beaumont was also the voice of Alice. 
~ Only Peter Pan film that doesn't use much of Barrie's original dialogue. 
~ Kathryn also performed the live action references for Wendy. 
~ Walt didn't like the film.


Name(s): Tinkerbell, Tink. 
Voice: None in Peter Pan, Mae Whitman in the Tink Movies. 
Year: 1953, 2008 -. 
Dress: Green Dress, Green Leaf Outfit. 
Traits/Special Abilities: Flying, Tinker Fairy. 
Based off a book/fairy tale?: Yup. 
Main Song(s): I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any. 
Disney Park Attraction?: Oh jeez, yes.
~ When jealous, she turns red.
~ Debate between whether she is a pixie or a fairy. 
~ Was considered a Disney Princess, along with Alice, but both were scratched out. 
~ Was born when a baby laughed. 
~ Apparently has romantic feelings for Peter.
~ Is considered one of the official Disney mascots. 
~ Was seen for the first time officially in Peter Pan. Other times, she was just a light. 
~ Doesn't use a wand in the original film. 
~ Has the 2,418 Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 
~ Many think that Disney's version of Tink is sexually suggestive.


Full name: Alice Liddell.
Voice: Kathryn Beaumont.
Year: 1951.
Dress: Blue, with white apron.
Traits/Special Abilities: Imagination. 
Based off a book?: Obv. Alice in Wonderland. 
Main Song(s): 
Disney Park Attraction?: Yes. 
~ Kathryn Beaumont did the voice for both Alice and Wendy.
~ Alice is ticklish.
~ Kathryn narrates the ride at Disneyland. 
~ Alice was originally suposed to confront the Jabberwocky but it was written out. 
~ Age 10.
~ First mainstream Disney Alice.
~ The singing flowers think Alice is a weed.
~ Alice is called Mary Anne by the White Rabbit.
~ A carrot makes Alice shrink back after growing in the White Rabbit's house.
~ Alice's cat is named Dinah.
~ The wood that Alice gets lost in is called Tulgey.
~ Received her name from a friend of Lewis Carroll's. 
~ First Disney animated feature to have the voice actors listed next to their respective character.
~ The film was in development for over 10 years, and took 5 years to complete.

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