X Factor second day [austin, tx] auditions post!

X Factor season 2 second day auditions are happening right now in Austin, Texas - and instead of making a billion posts within the next two hours, this post will be updated with pix/vids/clips/info/omgs from today's auditions. (May 25, 2012)

Britney & Demi stans are welcomed :D

Feel free to post anything from today's auditions related in the comments. Have fun!

Updates (so far)

Britney Spears just showed up for the second day of filming "X Factor" in Austin, Texas today --  wearing the same dress for continuity.

Britney already seems to be in better spirits today than yesterday ... spotted dancing behind the judges' table with Demi Lovato with Simon Cowell sitting beside them.

1:50 PM PT -- ALL the judges are wearing the same outfits as yesterday -- and sources tell us, the reason is producers didn't get all the shots they needed on the first day of filming ... and need to fill in some gaps. (TMZ)

Update (2): Some sources say Britney was upset over a contestant's rendition of her song "Hold It Against Me." Others say Britney just needed a break.

Update (3): @Andrewfatake: Judges go on with out Britney.  pic.twitter.com/AcfrzoQz

Update (4): 2:25 PM PT -- We're told Britney has had a great start to the day and seems much more confident -- even getting so bold as to disagree with Simon. She did take one short break, about five minutes, and she missed one audition ... which everyone on set was totally ok with.

Update (5): Simon walked away away from table and the show paused.

Update (6-1): 50 year old contestant just sang about a song about Candy girl. Demi told him he creeped her out. "I just can't"
Update (6-2): Britney just said to him, "I want to know why let you on stage. I left uncomfortable with you even being on stage looking at me right now."
Update (6-3): He started again. Simon stopped him.
Update (6-4): Demi just told him he couldn't sing. He replied, "that's why you use auto tune and I don't"
Update (6-5): He came back out hitting on little girls. Demi demanded he stopped talking to little girls as he was finally walking off stage.

Update (7): Simon is drinking a hot tea. Just offered some to Britney. She drank from his cup. If you were wondering, she liked it.

Update (8): Britney just told current contestant she was impressed. Britney said he left it was "effortless" and that Britney appreciated it.

Update (9): Britney just left. Escorted by Edan, Larry and another body guard.
Update (9-2): Simon is now sitting in Britney's seat. I do believe Britney will not be returning.

The show is on a break now.

Update (10): Britney just did all the talking to current contestant. She even including back info in her notes about constants personal life.

Update (11): Constant is singing "Sometime" by Britney.

Update (12): Britney requested she sing Dixie chicks "theres your trouble."

Update (13): Britney didn't comment on song. Just giggled. Demi and Simon told her they didn't like it.

Update (14): "I feel like... It's hard for me. You're so young, you're so talented. Your voice needs a little work but you have talent!" - Britney


Update (14-3): Britney offered to sign her to a label saying, "I'll sign you personally sweetie"

Update (15): Show has just ended. Britney gave huge wave to fans. Before exiting.

Show ended.

(HQ from the judges' panel [May 24])

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