P Diddy's Twitter storm over 'unpaid bills' claims

P Diddy has sparked a Twitter storm by telling how he planned to spend a fortune in a strip club — as a freelance photographer claims he is owed money by a company the rapper founded.

Diddy told online pals: "I think while I'm in miami imma go to a strip club and break my own record! Imma throw atleast 2 mill. For everyone. Not just the strippers."

But photographer and videographer Rob Hoffman replied: "So cool dude! I worked for you in February and still haven't gotten paid or reimbursed for my expenses. Have a fucking ball."

And he continued: "Infuriating when you fight to get paid by people who are bragging about throwing 2 mil around at a fucking strip club. #payyourbillsdiddy."

Hoffman went on to encourage his 56,000 followers to tweet Diddy asking him to pay, saying: "I'd love it you could all tweet @iamdiddy and ask him why he pretends he can throw 2 mil around at a strip club, but he can't pay his bills."

And it certainly worked as "#payyourbillsdiddy" soon became a trending topic on the site, with hordes of users asking the rapper to respond to Hoffman's claims.

Diddy seemed to react to the allegations, saying: "I know you may think its better ways for me to spend my money. But its my motherfuckin money! I support the stripper association of america!"


Rob used to be the Jonas Brothers photographer so most of his followers are Jonas fans. These were some of there replies...